What is shoplife?

What is it?

shoplife is Macarthur Square’s new online shopping platform. It has been designed to help us deliver customers and brands a hybrid retail experience that integrates both e-commerce and in-centre shopping.

shoplife gives Macarthur Square customers more ways to shop and discover products they love, and provide retailers with additional opportunities to drive sales and reach a wider audience.

Why are we launching?

Customer shopping habits are changing, and the pace of change has been accelerated by Covid-19. Customers are becoming digitally savvy, they want speed and convenience, and they seek unique experiences.

We are investing in shoplife to enhance the opportunities for our retailers to reach new customers, and meet customer’s needs for an omnichannel shopping experience.

The platform also creates contactless access to the shopping centre 24/7.

How does it work?

shoplife is a digital solution that enhances the Macarthur Square shopping experience, giving your customers more access to purchase your in-store products and services 24/7, from wherever they are.

Customers will be able to shop for multiple products from their favourite Macarthur Square retailers in one transaction and choose to either ‘click and collect’ their order in centre or have it delivered to their door.

What are the main customer benefits?


Online shopping is overwhelming, you get 3 billion results when you search “Jeans”. On shoplife, products and services will be targeted to customers based on their purchase history, preferences, style and taste. shoplife will also provide recommendations for special occasions and product offers. It will simplify customer’s online shopping experience.

Live store inventory

A game changer in customer service. shoplife‘s unique live store inventory function will allow customers to search and discover products and services available at Macarthur Square in real-time. Customers can access local shop inventory prior to visiting, giving them 100% confidence and avoids disappointment.

Single shopping cart

Cross shopping is made easy, allowing customers to pay for products and services from multiple retailers in one simple transaction.

Fulfilment choice

Customers can shop the way they want, as shoplife provides options for fulfilment, including click and collect from the centre or home delivery.

What are the main retailer benefits ?

Open your Macarthur Square store 24/7

Let customers shop from your store inventory anytime, from anywhere.

Drive additional sales

Give customers more ways to find and purchase your products and services online.

Stay connected

Give customers more ways to shop the local stores they love.

Fulfil from your store

Provide online shopping, without the tricky logistics.

Deliver hyper-personalisation

Have your product and services served directly to your ideal customer using AI technology.

Boost your brand

Be seen by more customers, without a bigger marketing budget.

Know your customer

Learn more about your customer with tailored, actionable data insights.

What else should I know about the pilot?

Can brands who aren’t already a tenant of Macarthur
Square join the platform?

No. shoplife has been built around a hyper-local premise, where our retailers and their customers are at the heart of the service. The shoplife pilot will only be available to our valued Macarthur Square retail partners.

Will there be a transaction fee?

Yes, a percentage commission fee will be charged on transactions fulfilled via the shoplife platform.

Why join shoplife ?

This is an exciting opportunity to better connect our centre brands with their customers. shoplife provides a platform for you to showcase your product with customers in our trade area.

shoplife‘s unique features, including the live store inventory function, makes it easier for customers to find what they are looking for, when they want it. We see this as a key competitive advantage to shopping centres in our trade area and we would like the opportunity to discuss shoplife with you and how it can support your store performance.

What are the next steps?

If you are interested, please register your details so we can contact you to provide further details on the platform and discuss some operational matters about your business, such as your e-commerce capabilities, inventory management and returns policy.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Live your best shoplife