What is Shop You Premium?

What is Shop You Premium?

Shop You Premium is a personal shopping and styling service, exclusive to people working in women working in Barangaroo. Join up, and you’ll be provided with a personal stylist, a place to try on and return items (metres from your office), and a ‘runner’ to handle the legwork (including returns). You’ll also get ongoing style recommendations based on your personal preferences, lifestyle, body, and budget, powered by our AI engine.

What is the difference between Shop You and Shop You Premium?

Shop You is a free App that analyses your personal info., and gives you fashion recommendations in response and (plus an easy way to buy directly with retailers online). While Shop You Premium uses the same AI algorithms, it also gives you a stylist who’ll consult with you in real life in Barangaroo. As well as picking out your clothes personally, they’ll take care of all returns so you can focus on work! Shop You Premium is also a paid service ($14.99 flat fee a month with no lock-in contract).

How does it work?

Is it only available in Barangaroo?

Currently it’s only on offer in Barangaroo, but we expect to branch out to more locations in future.

How do I subscribe?

Easy! Click here and follow the prompts.

What if I want a one-off styling session?

You have to be subscribed to the Shop You premium service to access a styling session. For $14.99 per month, it’s a no brainer.

Where do I try things on?

At the Shop You Premium Style Club, which is located at TBC. This is the Shop You Premium headquarters in Barangaroo. Here, you can meet your stylist, view your chosen clothes, and try things on in privacy and comfort.. All your clothes will be sent straight here so you don’t have to manage any of the deliveries or returns.

How much does it cost?

Membership is a flat rate of $14.99 a month – this includes your style consultations and all delivery and return fees. Based on standard Australia Post rates, that’s not much more than the delivery fee for one standard online order, so we think it’s pretty good value!

Is it a lock-in contract?

No, you’re free to opt out at any time.

Can I get a free trial?

The first 100 sign ups will receive the first month free.

Can I refer a friend?

If your friend works in Barangaroo, absolutely! Just direct them to the site. If they work elsewhere, they can sign up here to stay tuned for the launch of new locations down the track.

I want to stop using Shop You Premium. How do I cancel?

If you just want to put the paid service on hold, you can go to Account > Subscription > Pause. This means you can still get access to the AI-powered recommendations, but no tweaks to the recommendations from the stylist, personal styling sessions or delivery and return services. Or, if you’re sure you want to cancel, just go to Account > Subscription > Delete Account.

Who is styling me?

Who are the Shop You Premium stylists?

All our personal stylists are masters of their craft. Most have fashion and styling degrees, and all have worked with iconic brands or in exclusive boutiques. Luckily most professional stylists are freelancers, which means they have the flexibility to work with Shop You Premium clients on top of their usual work.

How often can I see the stylist?

You can see the stylist with each order. Just book an appointment at the check out. For on the go consultations, simply message your stylist between 8AM-6PM using the TBC button.

What happens with my order?

How long will I have to wait to receive my order?

Your items will be delivered to Barangaroo Style Club 3-5 working days after you order (although we will always try to get there more quickly!).

What if I have a question about my order?

After you submit an order, you can view its status under ‘My Orders’. To ask any questions, press ‘Enquire’ – your runner or stylist  will get back to you!

How does checkout work?

You’ll be guided to payments as part of the checkout process. Most major credit cards are accepted, and we use Stripe to securely process all payments (you can find the Stripe Terms & Conditions right here). With each purchase, you will get an in-App notification and a digital receipt. These receipts will be stored in the Shop You Wallet – and if you’d like another copy of the receipt, you can email it to yourself by hitting the ‘Email’ button under each receipt. Hit the buy button.  All major credit cards are accepted. Your receipt will be emailed to you.

What’s the deal with sizing?

Shop You Premium is unique in that your stylist will already be familiar with your size and body shape – and your recommended sizes per brand will be pre-entered when you buy an item. You still have the option to change this if you like, but we find it’s usually pretty accurate!

How do I return items?

How long does it take to get a refund?

Refunds generally take 5 – 7 working days.

How does the returns process work?

You can get an on-the-spot refund by returning to your stylist immediately after you’ve tried them on at the Style Club. Or, if you take something home and change your mind later, you can return it to the Style Club unworn with the labels intact within 7 days for a full refund. These returns may take up to 5 working days to process.

Can I return items direct to the store or brand?

No, you’ll need to bring the items to the Style Club so we can handle the returns on your behalf – if you have any problems getting to the Style Club, just drop us a line by clicking on the help button TBC.

Are returns free?

Yes, they’re included in your subscription fee.

What happens if I return something after the 7 day limit?

Sorry – due to retailer rules and regulations, we’re not able to process returns after the 7-day period.

What about my data?

How do you get to know me?

While the Shop You App uses algorithms to source the best items to suit you (based on the info. you provide), Shop You Premium adds a personal shopping service to create an even more complete picture of each member. Our stylists will ask you all about your lifestyle, taste, preferences and budget. From there, they’ll choose items that match your criteria (we have 75+ brands to choose from and growing).

What do you do with my information?

Shop You takes minimal viable data to ensure our service delivers what has been promised to you! For details on how we handle and value your privacy, visit https://www.shopyou.com.au/privacy-policy/TBC.