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Shop You Premium is a brand new service coming soon to Barangaroo. For just $14.99 a month, we take all the hard work out of clothes shopping.

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Your clothes will be sent directly to your Style Club at Barangaroo.
Book a time to visit. Your stylist will be there to give their (honest) opinion.

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Like it? Take it home. Don't like it? No worries. Your stylist will take care of all returns at no additional cost.

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A World-First, Hyper-Personalised Platform

Text Your Stylist 8AM-7PM, Mon-Fri

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Weekly Personal Stylist Recommendations

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“The delivery was so fast - being able to shop without leaving my building is a huge win for me.”

John P.Category Manager

“I now wear items I would’ve never tried or found without you. Honestly, thank you.”

Abby J.Executive Assistant

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